About Emma Stonville

Hello, fellow swine enthusiasts! I’m Emma Stonville, the heart and soul behind “Piggy Paradigms”. If you’re as smitten by the charm of pigs as I am, then you’ve found your slice of hog heaven!

My journey with pigs began in the picturesque farmlands of Iowa. Unlike most children who dreamed of ponies, I found myself daydreaming about trotters, snouts, and curly tails. At the age of five, while most of my friends had posters of unicorns, my room was adorned with piglets playing in the mud and majestic sows overseeing their domain.

My family wasn’t initially part of the farming community, but seeing my unwavering affection, they adopted our first pig, named Rosie, when I was ten. Rosie was a cheeky pot-bellied pig with a penchant for strawberries and morning snuggles. We shared secrets, adventures, and countless belly rubs. The bond I developed with Rosie cemented my belief that pigs weren’t just farm animals; they were intelligent, emotional beings with personalities as diverse as ours.

Over the years, my passion grew into advocacy. Today, I am not only a proud pig owner but also a voice for their ethical treatment, a source of knowledge on their care, and an ambassador for pig-human relationships. “Piggy Paradigms” is my platform to share this journey, provide insights, and foster a community where we can all squeal in delight over our shared love for these wonderful creatures.

Whether you’re a long-time piggy parent, considering bringing one into your life, or simply charmed by their antics, I hope my stories bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart. Dive into the world of “Piggy Paradigms”, where every oink tells a story and every grunt is a song of joy.

Welcome to my pig-infused wonderland! 🐖❤️