What are Percy Pigs?

Let me introduce you to the delightful world of Percy Pigs! Curious about these little sweets that have gained a cult following? Well, Percy Pigs are a popular treat hailing from the United Kingdom, and they have captured the hearts of many with their gummy texture and irresistible fruity flavor. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes these pig-shaped candies so special, their origin story, and why they have become a beloved symbol of British confectionery. Get ready to embark on a sweet adventure with me as we uncover just what makes Percy Pigs so adored by candy enthusiasts around the globe.

What are Percy Pigs?

Percy Pigs are a famous, and quite irresistible, brand of fruit-flavored gummy candies that have gained a cult following across the United Kingdom and beyond. These cute little candies, shaped like pigs, have become a household name for candy lovers of all ages. Bursting with flavors that include raspberry, strawberry, and grape, Percy Pigs have captured the hearts of many with their unique taste and charming design.

History and Introduction

Percy Pigs were first introduced by the British retailer Marks & Spencer in 1992. They were created as a spin-off of their popular Colin the Caterpillar cake, and were initially intended to be a seasonal treat. However, their popularity quickly soared, and they became a year-round staple in the confectionery aisle.

Ingredients and Flavors

Percy Pigs are crafted using a delightful mixture of fruit juice concentrates, including raspberry, strawberry, and grape. They also contain natural fruit flavors and are made without any artificial colors or sweeteners. This commitment to using quality ingredients has undoubtedly contributed to the candy’s enduring popularity.

Shape and Design

One cannot discuss Percy Pigs without mentioning their iconic and adorable pig-shaped design. These little gummies are shaped like miniature pigs, complete with intricate details such as eyes, ears, and snouts. The attention to detail in their design adds an extra touch of whimsy and charm to an already delightful candy.

Range of Products

Over the years, Percy Pigs have expanded their offerings beyond the classic gummy candies. Fans can now indulge in a variety of Percy Pig-inspired products, including chocolates, shortbread biscuits, ice cream, and even marshmallows. This extensive range of products ensures that Percy Pig enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite treats in various forms.

Popularity and Cult Following

Percy Pigs have gained an incredibly loyal following, often referred to as “Percy Pig lovers” or “Percy Pig fanatics.” These fans eagerly await the release of limited-edition variations, participate in online discussions about their favorite flavors, and proudly display their Percy Pig merchandise. The candy’s popularity has even led to petitions and social media campaigns to bring it to other countries, making it clear that Percy Pigs have become a beloved confectionery in its own right.

Percy Pigs Controversy

In 2019, Percy Pigs faced a controversial change in their recipe. Marks & Spencer announced that they would replace the use of pork gelatin with a vegetarian-friendly alternative, resulting in the removal of Percy Pig’s traditional gelatin-based ingredients. This decision sparked a significant backlash from some loyal fans, arguing that the change compromised the candy’s authentic taste. However, many customers applauded the move, stating that it made Percy Pigs more inclusive for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Limited Editions and Collaborations

To keep the excitement alive, Marks & Spencer introduced limited-edition Percy Pigs throughout the years. These special versions often feature seasonal flavors, unique shapes, or collaborations with other beloved brands. From Christmas-themed Percy Pigs to collaborations with popular TV shows, these limited editions never fail to generate a buzz among fans and collectors.

Percy Pigs Merchandise

The fame of Percy Pigs extends beyond the candy aisle, with a wide range of Percy Pig-themed merchandise available for fans to purchase. From t-shirts and tote bags to keychains and plush toys, there is no shortage of ways to show off your love for these adorable gummy treats. Percy Pig merchandise has become a popular gift choice, allowing fans to celebrate their passion for all things Percy.

Percy Pigs in the Media

Percy Pigs have also been featured in various media outlets, gaining attention and recognition beyond the realm of candy connoisseurs. They have been mentioned in numerous food blogs, featured in television segments, and even referenced in popular British TV shows. Their recognition in the media further solidifies their status as a beloved treat cherished by many.

Recipes and DIY Percy Pigs

For those who enjoy a creative challenge or want to customize their Percy Pigs experience, there is no shortage of homemade Percy Pigs recipes and do-it-yourself projects available online. Food enthusiasts have come up with their own versions of these fruity gummy candies, experimenting with different flavors and shapes to recreate the beloved treat in their own kitchens. These DIY projects allow fans to have fun and put a personal touch on their favorite candy.

In conclusion, Percy Pigs have become a delightful and beloved treat that has captured the hearts of candy enthusiasts worldwide. From their humble beginnings as a seasonal treat to their now-iconic status and wide range of products, Percy Pigs continue to bring joy and excitement to candy lovers of all ages. Whether you savor their unique flavors, collect limited editions, or proudly display Percy Pig merchandise, there is no doubt that these cute little gummies have made a sweet and lasting impression on the confectionery world.





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