What do Minecraft pigs eat?

Ah, the wonderful world of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds and adventures await at every corner. In this pixelated realm, one question that often arises is, “what do Minecraft pigs eat?” These charming, plump creatures roam the lush green landscapes with their curly tails held high. Curiosity strikes, as players wonder what delightful sustenance fuels these oink-tastic companions. Fear not, for I shall unravel this intriguing mystery and reveal the delectable feast that lies within the Minecraft pigs’ menu.


Basic information about Minecraft pigs

In the blocky world of Minecraft, pigs are friendly and familiar creatures that can be found wandering in grassy areas. They are passive mobs, which means they won’t attack unless provoked. Pigs are known for their oinking sounds and their delightful pink appearance. They are popular among players not just for their adorable looks, but also because they serve various practical purposes in the game.

Crops and Plants


Wheat is a staple crop in Minecraft that can be grown and harvested for various uses, including feeding pigs. Pigs love to munch on wheat, and it serves as a reliable source of nourishment to keep them happy and healthy. Players can plant and grow wheat by obtaining seeds from tall grass, then planting and watering them. Once the wheat reaches maturity, it can be harvested and used to feed not only pigs but also other animals.


Another food item that Minecraft pigs enjoy is carrots. These vibrant orange vegetables can be obtained by growing carrot crops, which can be found in villages or rarely dropped by zombies and skeletons. If you plant the carrot crops and allow them to grow, you’ll have a delicious and nutritious treat to offer your pig companions. Just like wheat, carrots can be fed directly to pigs or used as an ingredient in crafting specific items.


Pigs have certainly acquired a taste for a wide variety of crops in the Minecraft world, and potatoes are no exception. This starchy tuber can be grown by players in their own farms or found as loot in villages and dungeons. Potatoes make for a fantastic pig treat, adding some tasty variety to their diet. To grow potatoes, players need to plant a potato and wait for them to sprout, eventually producing more potatoes that can be harvested and used.


While pigs in the real world might not appreciate beets as much, Minecraft pigs absolutely adore them! Beetroots can be grown from beetroot seeds found in village gardens or by removing wild beetroot plants. They can be harvested and used to create a delicious and nutritious meal for your pig companions. Don’t be shy about sharing these reddish-purple vegetables with your pigs; they will be quite pleased!


Who would have thought that pigs would have a fondness for melons? In Minecraft, that’s precisely the case! Melons are an abundant and refreshing crop that can be grown on farmland or found in jungle biomes. Players can harvest melons by obtaining melon slices from the mature vines and feeding them to their trusty pig friends. With their juicy and sweet flavor, melons are a delightful treat for any pig in Minecraft.


Pumpkins in Minecraft are not only useful for crafting Jack-o’-lanterns or decorative purposes but also as a tasty snack for pigs. While players often use pumpkins for their own crafting needs, it’s worth remembering that pigs have a love for these festive vegetables. Pigs will happily consume pumpkins, whether it’s the whole block or as crafted pumpkin pie. So don’t hesitate to share your pumpkin surplus with your porcine companions.


Minecraft’s cave systems are often teeming with mushrooms, and it turns out that pigs have developed a craving for these unique fungi. Both red and brown mushrooms can be found in the game, and pigs will readily consume them. Whether you stumble upon a mushroom-filled cave or decide to cultivate mushrooms using bonemeal, your pigs will be thrilled to have a bite of these fungi. It’s a somewhat odd but delightful addition to their diet.

Sugar Cane

While sugar cane may not be a direct source of food for pigs, it does serve a crucial role in their diet indirectly. Sugar cane can be found growing near water bodies or by planting and growing it yourself. Pigs love to munch on sugar cane, as it provides them with a significant source of food and nutrition. Additionally, players can craft sugar from harvested sugar cane, which can then be used to create other food items for pigs.

Animal Feed

Hay Bales

Hay bales in Minecraft are an essential item for feeding various animals, including pigs. Crafting hay bales requires players to use nine wheat in a 3×3 crafting grid. Once obtained, hay bales can be placed in a pig pen or feeding area for pigs to consume. Pigs will happily eat hay bales, which helps keep them satisfied and content. It’s a convenient way for players to ensure that their pigs have a steady source of food nearby.

Food Crafting

Carrot on a Stick

For players who want to go on exciting pig rides, the carrot on a stick is a must-have item. By crafting a carrot on a stick, players can attach it to a fishing rod to create a special tool that entices pigs to move in a specific direction. To create this unique item, simply place a fishing rod in the middle slot of the crafting grid and a carrot in the slot below it. This handy tool enables players to control their trusty pig companions and embark on exciting adventures together.

Enchanted Golden Apple

In Minecraft, enchanted golden apples are powerful and rare items that provide numerous beneficial effects when consumed. While pigs cannot actually consume enchanted golden apples, players can still use them to heal and breed pigs. By feeding regular golden apples or enchanted golden apples to pigs, players can accelerate their breeding process and increase the chances of producing offspring. This adds an extra layer of usefulness to these highly sought-after items.


Breeding requirements

Breeding pigs in Minecraft is quite straightforward and involves meeting a few simple requirements. To initiate the breeding process, players will need two adult pigs. However, it’s important to note that only pigs with a “love mode” effect, indicated by hearts above their heads, are ready for breeding. To trigger this effect, players must use food items that pigs love, such as carrots, potatoes, beetroots, or a combination of these. After feeding the eligible pigs, they will enter a breeding mode, spawn baby pigs, and continue the cycle of life on the farm.

Village Trading

Trading with farmers

In Minecraft villages, players have the opportunity to engage in trading with villagers of various professions, including farmers. Farmers are particularly useful for obtaining food items that pigs enjoy. By interacting with farmers, players can trade crops such as carrots, potatoes, and wheat for emeralds. These emeralds can then be used to trade for other valuable items or even additional food items for pigs. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that benefits both players and their pig pals.

Natural Behavior

Wild pigs’ feeding habits

While wild pigs in Minecraft share a similar diet to their player-tamed counterparts, their feeding habits offer a glimpse into their natural behavior. Wild pigs can often be seen foraging and eating grass or crop fields in the game. They roam freely in search of food and will even consume dropped items, such as apples, that they stumble upon. Observing wild pigs’ feeding habits adds a touch of realism to the Minecraft world, showcasing their instinctual connection to food.

Minecraft Pigs vs. Real-Life Pigs

Differences in diet

While Minecraft pigs share some similarities in their diet with real-life pigs, there are notable differences between the two. In the real world, pigs are omnivorous animals with a diverse diet that includes roots, plants, fruits, and even small animals. They have a keen sense of smell and are known to dig up the earth in search of food. However, in Minecraft, pigs have a more limited diet focused on crops and plants. They thrive on classic farm staples like wheat, carrots, potatoes, and other Minecraft-specific items. It’s important to recognize these distinctions to better understand the unique characteristics of Minecraft pigs.

Piglin Interactions

Piglins’ interest in food items

Piglins, which are a new addition to Minecraft, have their own unique relationship with food items. These hostile mobs, found in the Nether dimension, have a fascination with various food items, leading to interesting interactions with players. When a player offers a food item to a Piglin, they become distracted and will stop attacking the player for a brief period. While this behavior doesn’t directly benefit pigs, it adds an intriguing layer of mechanics related to food within the game.

Alternative Food Sources

Other food items for pigs

While crops and plants are the primary food sources for pigs in Minecraft, there are a few additional food items that they can consume. These include apples, which drop from trees when the leaves are broken, and sweet berries, found in the taiga biome. Although pigs may not have a strong preference for these items, they are still edible and can be used as alternative sources of food when other options are scarce. It’s always good to have a backup plan in case the farm runs low!

In conclusion, Minecraft pigs may seem simple and straightforward, but their diet and behavior offer a deeper level of engagement for players. From cultivating crops to trading with villagers and observing natural feeding habits, the ways in which pigs interact with food items in Minecraft provide a glimpse into their virtual lives. Whether you’re a dedicated farmer or simply enjoy the company of these friendly creatures, understanding what Minecraft pigs eat is essential for their well-being and your own enjoyment in the game. So grab some carrots, potatoes, or even a golden apple, and embark on a delightful journey through the world of Minecraft with your trusty pig companions by your side. Happy farming!






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